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The Aussie Outback Party

Winner of Children’s Song of the Year in the TSA Songwriter’s Salute Awards 2010

The Aussie Outback Party is a 28pp picture book written for 2 – 5 year olds. The story is told in rhyming verse and features iconic Australian animals. The chosen rhyming scheme has an almost sing song quality designed to engage the listener and encourage emerging readers.

Full page, colour illustrations complement the story and engage the attention of younger children, particularly with the “spot the emu” function (Eric the Emu appears on every page, often hiding, and younger children delight in “finding” him).


The Aussie Outback School

Winner of Children’s Book of the Year in the Australian Bush Laureate Awards 2010

Winner of Children’s Song of the Year in the TSA Songwriter’s Salute Awards 2010

This delightful, 28 page picture book, tells of the importance of school in a rollicking rhyme to engage children’s attention. Beautifully illustrated, the story addresses a young wombat’s concern that he is “hopeless” because he can’t yet read or write or keep up with the other animals in the playground.
The “Aussie Outback School” is the second book by author Megan Bartlett-Horne and illustrator Sue “Penny” Horne. Their 1st book, “The Aussie Outback Party” was a finalist in the 2009 Australian Bush Laureate awards and is sold throughout Australia.


The Aussie Outback Songbook

The latest release from  the hugely popular Outback series

The Aussie Outback School and The Aussie Outback Party.

Sing along to some of the most Australian songs you could poke a stick at.

So even if you are flat out like a lizard drinking, you have got some time to get singing along.

The Billabong Song - Say G’day Mate - Don’t Forget Tasmania - Outback Gym - The Outback School 
What Made The Kookaburra Laugh - Eric The Emu - Christmas In The Top End - 

The Aussie Outback Party - Outback Lullaby

The Aussie Outback Goes BUMP in the NIGHT

This book aims to help children demystify their night time terrors by explaining how things that appear scary in the dark are often just everyday items. Using the same rollicking, upbeat rhyming pattern

as the earlier books and illustrated with humour and an Australian theme,

this book will appeal to toddlers and up.

Bump in the Night is beautifully illustrated with iconic Aussie animals on every page.

As with all the Aussie Outback books, artist Penny's signature character

"Eric the Emu" is present on every page, sometimes hiding for young readers to find.

There is also a page of Aussie animal "glow in the dark" stickers for children of all ages to enjoy. 


The Aussie Outback Playing Cards “31 Emus Wild”

This delightful animated set of cards features 12 iconic Australian animals with “Eric the Emu” as the wild card.This educational card game was developed by Professor Brendan Bartlett PhD (Education) MA, BA, Dip Ed, as a fun way for children to gain confidence with their mathematics. For younger children, the cards can be used to develop fine motor skills and memory/logic techniques while playing old favourites such as “snap” or “pairs”. They can also be used to identify Australian animals, both images and words. Older children can play “31-Emus Wild” an educational game that encourages the children to practice mental arithmetic, counting on their fingers or using more advanced techniques such as “counting on” or “doubles and near doubles” commonly taught in early primary schooling. 

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