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About the Artist


Sue "Penny" Horne is best known for her artwork in the award winning "Aussie Outback" children's books.   Born in London, Penny emigrated to Australia as a child in 1956. Penny's family settled in Neutral Bay where a chance meeting with May Gibbs (author of the Gumnut Babies Series) was a huge influence; sparking a hidden talent in drawing.


In 2008 Penny was asked to illustrate the first in the Aussie Outback series - The Aussie Outback Party.  Penny had developed her signature character "Eric the Emu" decades earlier and Eric became a feature of all the books in the series as well as the company's logo.


Accomplished in many forms of art, portraits were always Penny's passion and she is thrilled to have the time now to indulge in portrait drawing full time.


"My focus on a portrait is to capture the eyes, they bring life and character to a portrait," Penny said, "It's always exciting to experience the moment when a drawing takes on a life of its own .... shading is the core to my drawings.  

I always work from good quality photos only as the quality is essential....I can't capture what I can't see."


Whether it is a gift for a loved one or for your own pleasure, a pencil portrait is a gift for life.

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